brx regulatory reporting

The new reporting platform that leads the banking industry from regulatory reporting towards regulatory intelligence

brx regulatory reporting

Digital transformation of the reporting process

b.rx is a fast cloud based and data driven platform that takes regulatory reporting to the next level. It makes an end to inefficient data flows, scattered documents, missing oversight of reports and helps you save time. It is the first user centric platform which supports the full regulatory reporting process in the most optimized & efficient way.

brx regulatory reporting

The first all-in-one & user centric reporting platform in the cloud

b.rx goes beyond traditional reporting and fully supports the holistic view on the reporting proces.

Efficient team collaboration

With b.rx, you can easily work together with your team members and across teams thanks to collaborative functionalities such as the activity tracker and planner.

Cloud based SaaS platform

The b.rx platform is a cloud based platform that is continuously updated and allows a continuous sync with team members. It allows you to access all your data at any time, wherever you are.

Stay in control and keep a view of your data

The integration with Collibra allows you to understand the overall data flow from and to the reports. The reporting processes can also easily be managed & monitored through intuitive dashboards.

All-in-one centralized platform

No data scattered throughout Excel files, mails, shared drives and more. Only one place needed for all your reporting data that allows you to keep everything together and avoid stress for audits: b.rx.

Continuous regulatory updates

Updates can be easily absorbed and quickly integrated thanks to the microservices architecture & building blocks offered by the regulators (DPM, BIRD,...)

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

By using managed services, a different license model approach, the efficient use of cloud infrastructure and more, we areable to reduce the overall cost significantly.

brx regulatory reporting

The beta release is coming up!

b.rx will soon tbe launched into the world. We want to make sure the platform is ready for takeoff and we therefore need your help to test it. Do you want to give b.rx a try? Sign up for our beta release program! We’re selecting a limited number of people to join our beta release testing program that will start on November 9th, 2020. With your help, we can test and improve b.rx to answer even better to your needs. Our specialized teams will support you throughout the beta release phase and help you get acquainted with the platform. Want to be part of the happy few? Sign up right here.

Developed by regtech specialists

By being active in the industry for quite some years, we gathered our expertise and developed a user centric regulatory reporting paltform that supports you in your tasks, all while delivering the fully compliant reports you need for the regulators. Our experts have worked on different regulatory reporting projects at large customers in the banking industry and have developed a solid expertise in the regulatory reporting area. They experienced the challenges of reporting teams first hand and this helped us to create a platform that makes an end to these struggles.

A shift in regulatory reporting

The time where reporting software focused exclusively on reporting from the regulator's point of view is over. Who says reporting can not be user friendly? b.rx has been developed as an answer to the many struggles with the traditional reporting solutions. It is the next generation reporting platform that will shake up the banking industry.

Making your job easier

Say goodbye to endless struggles and repetitive tasks when creating regulatory reports. With b.rx, you'll save time thanks to all the innovative functionalities that help you become more efficient in your job. All data is available at all times and you don't have to worry about audit trails ever again. b.rx is here to manage your whole reporting ecosystem in one place and relieve you from your burden.

With brx we're bringing a new experience to the Regulatory Reporting landscape. With an intuitive user interface, kanban views and multiple collaboration features getting your reports ready in time was never this straightforward.
Jo Van Oosterwyck
Head of Technology