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Phase 2 of DPM 3.1

Phase 2 of DPM 3.1 by EBA

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has recently published phase 2 of its 3.1 reporting framework. Phase 2 contains a number of amendments to the supervisory benchmarking and resolution planning frameworks. The summary outlines the high-level changes. … Read More

Reporting costs

EBA’s recommendations for reducing supervisory reporting costs

EBA has finalised the study of the cost of compliance of EEA banks with the supervisory reporting requirements and potential reduction of the bank’s reporting costs. … Read More

Amsterdam FinTech Week

Join us at Amsterdam FinTech Week!

We are excited to announce that we will be part of the Amsterdam FinTech week (XFW) 2021 (4-11/06/2021). The XFW is a week full of insights and connects all players active in the ecosystem of digital finance throughout Europe. … Read More


The future of FinTech is RegTech

The future of technology and the future of finance are increasingly interwoven. Although advances in technology have created prominent possibilities in finance and banking, the progress has not been as fast as predicted primarily due to regulatory overhead. … Read More


European banks to underestimate RWA’s with 12% according to the new Targeted Review of Internal Models (TRIM)

The ECB performed a targeted review of internal models (TRIM), and its outcome serves as a wakeup call: 5800 weaknesses were identified. … Read More

EBA’s consultation paper on proportionality in liquidity reporting.

EBA’s consultation paper on its draft ITS on supervisory reporting on ALMM reporting requirements. It is proposed to introduce proportionality considerations for small (SNCIs) institutions. … Read More

EBA publishing paper on RTS on disclosure of investment policy by IFs.

EBA publishing paper on disclosure of investment policy by IFs

The EBA published a new consultation paper on draft regulatory technical standards on the disclosure of investment firms’ policies regarding their voting rights. … Read More

b.fine joins Holland FinTech ecosystem

b.fine joins the Holland FinTech network

b.fine is happy to be part of the Holland FinTech ecosystem to further develop the Dutch market and gain more knowledge with the members. Holland FinTech is a fintech network that connects actors in the financial value chain. … Read More

Participants of PWC's scale / fintech program

B.fine selected for PwC’s scale FinTech program.

B.fine is proud to be selected as one of the European participants of PwC’s scale FinTech program. This program will help the participants to elevate their profiles, identify commercial opportunities and accelerate their growth. … Read More