b.fine joins the Holland FinTech network

b.fine joins Holland FinTech ecosystem

b.fine is proud to be part of the Holland FinTech ecosystem to further develop the Dutch market and gain more knowledge with the members.

Founded in 2014 in Amsterdam, Holland FinTech is a steadily growing fintech network that connects all important actors in the financial value chain. The organisation embraces the future of digitalisation and financial innovation by enabling consumers and businesses to profit from the new knowledge, insights and development. Holland FinTech believes that access to innovative financial services & fintech solutions can empower people and organisations to understand and improve their economic circumstances.  They organize several events, such as webinars, panel discussions and the Amsterdam FinTech week to bring the whole fintech industry together and learn about the latest development in the sector.

Therefore, b.fine, as a company with experience in innovative financial reporting, is eager to join the network and ecosystem of the Dutch fintech market to connect with other players and further learn from each other.

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