Consult our fact sheet for the changes in CRR2 & BRRD2

Supervisory Reporting ITS (changes to EU 680/2014) 

Status: Final and published 

Applicability: 06/2021 

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published an update on the DPM 3.0 reporting framework. The DPM 3.0 reporting framework covers the changes introduced by the revised Capital Requirements Regulations (CRR2) and the Prudential Backstop Regulation. 

The following reporting areas are subject to changes:

  • Own funds
  • Credit risk
  • Large exposures
  • Leverage ratio
  • NSFR
  • G-SII Indicators

b.fine has created an insightful fact sheet to give a practical overview of the changes on the reporting requirements in CRR2 and BRRD which is directly accessible by clicking the button below.

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